True Patriot Love

There are some places that find a place in your heart so deep, that they never leave you. This is what happens when a Canadian makes the pilgrimage to the Vimy Ridge Memorial.

It was on Easter Monday, April 9, 1917, that Canadians made a heroic march through on to the world stage. The 4 divisions of the Canadian Corps fought together for the first time, and won a battle that would turn the course of the war in the Allies favour. If you want a quick history lesson, Veterans Affairs will bring you up to speed. If you want a better and more detailed history lesson, pick up Tim Cook‘s 2 volume set on the Canadians in World War I.

I owe my understanding of the Great War to Dr. Tom Hamilton. To say that he teaches a course on WWI from the Canadian Perspective, does not convey his unique ability to make a long ago war resonate from the walls of a classroom. Nearly four years later, the curiosity, the emotion and understanding that I took from that class is still with me.

The inspiration I drew from that course enriched the day at Vimy, and sparked the road trip we would take following our visit.

But first things first.


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